Monday Music

I know, I know, a day late. I realized it at some point yesterday, when my wife was working and I couldn’t steal the computer for a few. I suck at remembering holidays in general. Hell, about ten years ago I showed up for work on Veteran’s Day and it took me a few hours (I worked in an isolated spot in the building) to realize that nobody else was there.

So anyway, yesterday I stayed home, played Xbox with my son (I named a Halo 2 multiplayer match type for him), watched Dirty Jobs, and played guitar for a couple of hours.

At one point during the latter activity, I was farting around and accidentally hit the wrong string once, and whattaya know, I’d forgotten all about that. I’d accidentally started to play the intro to this song.

Annihilator, “Alison Hell”

[Yes, that’s the song’s official name on the album – although it’s also widely known as “Alice In Hell” which is the title of the album. Don’t ask me why they had one name for the album and a homonym for the song title – makes no sense to me.]

Allegedly, the bandleader Jeff Waters (the dude in the red shirt) is a textbook example of a fantastic musical talent who can’t keep bandmates around because of his enormous ego. Oh well. When I was at my axe-slinging peak as an undergrad, I used to play the rhythm part of this song. It’s great, classic late-80s thrash metal. Enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. “Don’t ask me why they had one name for the album and a homonym for the song title – makes no sense to me.”

    Because they wanted to prove that they knew what a homonym was? Maybe? LOL!

    Thanks, I enjoyed this song.

  2. Personally, I like the singer’s hairdo. Man, half the guys in my high school must have had that parted-in-the-middle thing going at one time or another.

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