Almost a snow day.

Apparently a few nights ago it was cold enough that some critter dislodged a siding cover underneath the master bathroom trying to find a warm place to curl up.  It was a no-go there, there’s a screen behind the siding cover.  But the little fucker didn’t have the common courtesy to replace the cover, which proceeded to make my bathroom into an igloo (no, Sue, I’m not contesting – you still win).  We woke up yesterday morning to figure out that the hot water pipe was frozen.  After replacing the cover, I put a heater in the bathroom and waited.  About, oh, nine hours later we had hot water in that bathroom again.

Oh, and there’s a window in the basement that opens to underneath that master bathroom.  My wife had to wear gloves downstairs in her office yesterday while she worked.

Anyway, it warmed up a tad yesterday, and then it snowed last night.  I woke up around 5:15, feeling wide awake, and figured “Nah, I’ll wait until the alarm goes off.”  Well, apparently my son fiddled with my alarm clock and turned down the radio volume, because I woke up again at 5:50 and noticed that my 5:35 alarm hadn’t woken me up.  Shit, hellfire, and damnation.  I hopped to, hit the shower, and hopped back out.  I hate feeling rushed in the morning, and the earlier I feel rushed, the more pissy I get.  I rolled my wife out of bed and went to wake up my son.  Then I went to let the dog out of her sleeping crate and…”Oh, yeah!  Snow!”

So I checked the TV, and sure enough, there it was, the local schools were on a two hour delay.  The private school our son goes to (he has AS) goes by the public school’s decision on that sort of thing, so I went back in and told my son he could sleep another few hours.   At that point, my wife got up and informed me that no, the kid’s school says that if the public schools go to a 2-hour delay, they’ll have a 1-hour delay.  There’s no more specific info on his school on the ticker.  Oh well.

Then, twenty minutes later (and too late to get there on time), we see his school name come up:  “Open.”  What the fuck does that mean?  Open, but still 1 hour late?  Open as usual?  Fine time to be telling me THAT.  We decide that my wife will take him, 1 hour late.  If they have a problem, well, they need to get their communication system up to speed.

My wife took the dog out to do her morning business and came back in to remark:  “Too bad school’s not closed.  That’s perfect snowball snow out there.  Wet, heavy, packs great.”  I went outside to clean off my wife’s car before I left (my car’s in the garage because I usually take the kid to school in the morning and she doesn’t usually drive until the afternoon).  She’s right.  I was brushing the snow off the roof of the car and it was clumping together into big hunks.   At this point I’m starting to get even more pissed.  Not only is every single county east of us closed, but the university is still completely open.  So I have to get my ass to work.  At this point I was cursing the goddamned 2-hour delay as the spawn of Satan.  Either send ’em to school or let ’em out, for God’s sake, but nobody likes a 2-hour delay.  It fucks everybody up.  Just let ’em go.

I had an uneventful commute to work (slush in a few places, otherwise nada except on my little dinky side street and the dinky street leading to my parking lot).  It’s always fun to arrive at a usually-crowded oversold parking lot to find that the lines delineating spaces are snowed over.  Makes for a fun afternoon when some of it melts and you see that 10 cars are occupying 18 spaces.

So, generally I was pissy until a bit later.  I called my wife to see if she’d made it back all right, and she said she’d decided to keep our son home.  “Every kid deserves a break to play in the snow with his dog.”  Absolutely true.  Then I had occasion to walk across campus.   About halfway to my destination I noticed a guy and a girl making little half-sized snowmen in the quad.  On my way back, I heard a bloodcurdling female scream – always a good way to get my attention – only to see a young black man running laughingly away as a young black girl screamed after him “You little – come back here!”  He stooped to grab more snow and she pasted him.

I noticed a little farther along that there was a guy carrying snowballs.  Two tightly-packed, almost perfectly rounded snowballs.  A few steps farther and there was a girl carrying one, also.  Saving them for unprovoked surprise assaults on unsuspecting friends?  Probably.  It made me smile.

I passed the snowmen.  Their creators moved on to other things, they were standing there, wearing dead-grass hair (her more than him) and curved-twig smiles.  They were holding twiggy hands.

A snow day would have been better.  But this is pretty good.


4 Responses

  1. I just got a call on my cell phone. It was my son, calling to tell me they’d just come in from outside, and that the dog had snatched his mitten and started tearing around the yard with it.

    My wife got on the phone and said that yes, “That was the craziest ‘crazy dog’ I’ve ever seen. He was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. That was definitely worth the price of admission.”

    They also had a snowball fight, built a knee-high snowman, and she took tons of pictures.

    Just had to update.

  2. I hate snow. It’s been snowing and cold here, but not enough to close school. I won’t be a bit surprised if I wind up with pneumonia from standing outside in this cold, waiting for the bus.

  3. FYI, a hairdryer works wonders for unfreezing frozen water pipes. You know, in case that ever happens again. And, you don’t run the risk of burning down your house like you do when you bust out a propane torch. (Yes, I know people who have done that.)

  4. Yeah, I knew the hairdryer trick (and the propane torch one, too, actually) but I was pretty sure the problem was *beneath* the house. I didn’t think the heater in the bathroom would make much difference, and I think I was right – I think it was only when the temperature outside got high enough that it thawed – but I was pretty sure sitting there holding a hair dryer or propping one up somewhere wouldn’t be worth the effort.

    Could be worse – when I was talking to my folks, I found out that my brother (who lives in a remodeled 1900-era house in the country) had his hot water pipe to the entire house freeze up. At least with us it was just the one sink!

    Now I’m definitely remembering the drip, though!

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