War Between The Sexes: European Theatre, 1944

Here we dust off the old newsreels…

Just kidding. Sort of.

As I’ve discussed for the last few days, I’m doing a project related to war veterans and so forth. Well, yesterday in going through the war memorabilia of a WWII European theater vet, I found a gem: The “Characteristics, Functioning, Care, and Preservation of the WAC, M-1 (Model 1943-44)”. The original was three old, yellowed, and tightly folded pieces of that old-fashioned onionskin/tissue-paper like carbon copy paper. I thought it was so funny that I photocopied it, took it home, and scanned it. Here it is as a photo set on my Flickr account.

And here are the individual pages (click each to go to the large version):

God only knows who actually wrote the thing. I don’t suspect the old fellow whose stuff I was going through did. My guess is that this was passed around quite a bit. It’s even possible that other copies exist someplace.

The War Between The Sexes has been going on a loooong time.

And some of our ancestors were funny motherfuckers.

P.S. Here’s the Wikipedia entry for those who don’t know what a WAC is.


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  1. That was quite amusing. Tampax J. McSnoop…

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