Put down the pick-me-up.

Well, nothing like playing guitars that I couldn’t afford if I sold my soul (my soul’s a little battered, wouldn’t bring much on the market) to help alleviate a little temporary depression.

I had a little time to kill last night during a beautiful stroll around a good walking neighborhood (we set a record high temperature yesterday – freaky) so when I walked by the nice guitar shop, I turned around and walked back inside.

The $2500 blue quilted-top Paul Reed Smith was veeeerrry niiiiice.

The inexpensive ($350) fretless Fender Jazz Bass was quite fun to play as well.  I’d never actually played a fretless before (except my little brother’s upright bass), and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as difficult as I might have thought.   Very cool.

But the $1600 Taylor electric/acoustic…oh, heaven.  That thing was a work of art and played (and sounded, too) like a dream.  Drool city.

If only I had a diamond mine squirreled away somewhere.   I just tell myself “maybe one day.  As a retirement present or something.”

But no, I had to hang it back on the wall and walk away.  Sigh.

Maybe someday.


7 Responses

  1. I really wish I still played. The youngest is getting his first guitar for Christmas, so maybe I’ll pick it up here and there and give it a go again.

  2. It’s never too late…to be embarrassed about how rusty you’ve gotten.

    Seriously, though, I think my touch has improved over the years. That is, I think I’m more emotive as a player, which in my opinion is a very very good thing. However, my speed and my accuracy have gone to crap. Crapola.

    But if you miss it, pick it up again! There’s nothing like making music, is there?

  3. I often have to wipe my drool off the Taylors at the local Guitar Center too. *sigh*

  4. I wish I knew how to play to the guitar. I need lessons, badly, and do not have the money to pay for them. I have a really nice acoustic guitar that is just collecting dust.

  5. Beej – They’re sweet as hell, aren’t they? My uncle, an actual semi-professional musician who went with me to pick out my beloved Fender, has a Taylor. I’ve played it from time to time, and may get a chance to over the holiday. It’s a beauty.

    Becca – Give it to me? 😀 In all seriousness, I sucked holy ass until I got paired with a guy who could actually play as my first-year college roommate. He showed me the basics, and then I could take it from there. Without that I’d still stink.

  6. Wait…I DO still stink.

  7. Hey you have good taste in instruments :).

    Indeed; if only my bank balance was in equally good shape!

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