Talent I’ll Never Have

A friend of mine posted this on one of my favorite ‘net hangouts.  It’s the video of the winner of the 2006 Miss Poledance Australia contest.

Personally, I don’t find it all that erotic…it’s more like watching a gymnast doing floor exercises, honestly.  But I will say that the strength, balance, flexibility, and body control displayed is dazzling.  Wow.


5 Responses

  1. Um. Yeah. I’ll be back to watch that. I’m sitting in the second row of a conference at which I am the second youngest person attending. Like I need all those OP (old people) watching some poledance video. I shall save that for the privacy of my hotel room later. 😉

  2. Aw, c’mon, give ’em some fun before they keel over! 😀

    Of course, I was telling my wife about it and she said: “And you watched it at work. I’m just talking to the wall about this, aren’t I?”

  3. Ok. I’ve watched it. Hell, I could do that. You know, if I had that body.

    Plus, half her moves were ice skating moves. I used to skate.

    Yeah. Yeah. I could do that.

    *laughs hysterically, completely unable to keep a straight face while lying so boldly*

  4. I could do it too. If I had some of my ligaments surgically removed.

    I used to be pretty damned flexible (I was the envy of my karate club) but I never could have done THAT stuff. Not and walk away from it afterward.

    One of the questions I had was, “Damn, doesn’t that pole chafe a little bit? She can’t have oiled up or she’d never be able to stay up there.”


  5. […] reiterate what I’ve said before – I don’t personally find it erotic per se, but wow.  I am thoroughly impressed by the […]

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