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Random Scattershots

Well, it’s almost Turkey Day, and I get a half day off of work, so I’m kind of like a kid with spring fever.  “Aw, c’mon, ain’t it time to go yet?”

So I’m not feeling organized enough to put together a real post, but I thought I’d throw some random shit out there.

I never actually watched the show during its run, but recently by sheer luck I’ve caught some episodes of “Grounded For Life” lately, and the show has its moments.  But mainly I find myself sitting there thinking “Wow, Megyn Price is hot.”

Her eyes and her smile just pull me in.  And I don’t usually go for blondes.  She may not be somebody who’s going to make People’s sexiest list, but I find myself fascinated.  Anyway, moving right along…

I’ve started to notice a little more traffic around here lately, and I’m flattered.  Y’all don’t have to be shy, you can speak up if you want. I don’t bite.  And I feel a lot less like an arrogant prick when I can feel like I’m having a conversation instead of feeling like I’m pontificating from a digital soapbox.  Although that is probably a much more accurate description of blogs in general.

I went to the grocery store at about 9pm last night to make our last grocery run for Thanksgiving.  I did that because my wife somehow wrenched her back on Sunday and was unable to go either Monday or Tuesday morning as she’d planned.  She did try to go on Monday afternoon, about 3pm, only to find that she couldn’t find a single damned parking space at the grocery store.  Holy crapola.  At 3pm?!?  On the Monday before Thanksgiving?  Now, today, I could see it, but sheesh.  So I slogged through the store, dodging the crowd that was still there (it wasn’t bad in general, but for 9pm?) looking for shit that was thin or plain old sold out.  I did manage to nab a turkey breast big enough to feed my family of three, but I had to scrounge to find the last three graham cracker pie crusts in the fucking store, ferfuxsake.  The “Baking goods” aisle was packed to the gills, for some strange reason.

I have a good friend who’s going through this holiday as a single woman for the first time in many a year.  I have some vague idea of how wretched that must feel, but no real concept.  Short stuff, if you’re reading this, I’ll be thinking of you.  Things may not be how they were last year, but on a day of thanksgiving, a lot of people are thankful that they know ya.  I’m one of ’em.  I hope you can remember that with pride.  Glad to see things are turning around for you lately.  You deserve it.

Vix, hope the pie goes over well!  If not, send me the leftovers!

My wife and I have done the holiday travel thing.  Once we went 600 miles to her folks in the Midwest for Christmas and 600 miles to my folks in the South for Thanksgiving.  We said, “That shit was crazy.  We ain’t doing that again.  ONE trip per year.  They’ll have to rotate.”

We miss out on some traditions that way, it’s true.  Football with my father-in-law, board game marathons after lunch.  Hunting with my father’s family, the bluegrass singalong at Christmas.  But damn.  Loading up the car, driving a full day, driving a full day back, unloading and then turning around and doing it all again three weeks later is a fucking drag, man.  We’re not 24 anymore, and we’re lugging a kid and his toys as well.  And now we’ve added a dog to the mix.

Last year, we said fuck it, we ain’t going ANYWHERE.  We stayed home for both, and actually enjoyed ourselves.

This year, we were looking at each other and saying, You know, our grandparents aren’t getting any younger.  Neither is our son.  And our nephew is walking now – we’ve only seen him for a week back in February, we should really see him again before he’s not even a baby anymore.  So we thought maybe we should bite the bullet and do both holidays again.  Luckily for us, my wife’s parents said “Hey, we’re thinking of doing a big bash next February for our 35th anniversary, why don’t you come out then instead of over Thanksgiving?”  And we said, “OKYEAHTHANKSBYE.  *click*  YIPPEE!!!”

So this year it’s just the three of us again.  A nice, quiet Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey and football and video games with my wife and son.  Oh, and my wife’s “special” pecan pie.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Y’all have a great holiday.

Today’s post was written while listening to Devin Townsend’s Ocean Machine:  Biomech album.


4 Responses

  1. FYI, Megan Price can be currently found on a show called Rules of Engagement. It’s shown on Monday nights on CBS after Two and a Half Men. She’s great in this show. And really, I’m going to blog about this soon, but her and her hubby on the show…yeah, that is Paul and I. Seriously. Paul IS Patrick Warburton’s character. I say that at least twice during every episode. LOL!

    I will be baking tonight. I wasn’t one of the ones in the baked goods aisle trying to buy a pie. Nope. I’m making mine. Four of them actually. A pumpkin pecan, a cherry (probably both will go with us to my bro’s tomorrow) and then two pumpkin pies to stay at my house.

  2. I think my wife is making the pecan pie, a yogurt-and-Jello-and-Cool-Whip pie for my son, and a pumpkin pie for herself. And maybe if she gets the urge a banana creme pudding pie. For three of us. Woohoo!

    I’ll have to check out “Rules of Engagement.” I really like Patrick Warburton too. My son is a big Kronk fan.

  3. Just now catching up on your blog (again…SORRY!). I can’t believe the store was packed at 3PM on a Monday! Holy Hell!!! I went at the last minute (typical) Wednesday afternoon and, suprisingly enough, it wasn’t crammed like I thought it was going to be.

    I am very thankful for having you as a good friend. Thanksgiving for us was definitely different, but we had a good one. The kids had a great time and ate everything. lol Happy kids and no leftovers, except for turkey, equaled a good Thanksgiving for us. 🙂 I hope yours went well too.

  4. Yep, mine went well, and I’m glad yours did too!

    ‘Cept now I want another pie. Yum.

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