Pillow Talk

My wife and I actually made it to bed early last night.  As in, before we were really all that tired.

Because my wife said “Well, I’m really interested in this book I’m reading.”

So, we were laying there cuddling up for a few minutes before we each gave each other the butt and turned to our respective books…Harrington again for me, whatever medico-legal murder mystery du jour for her.  Hers was actually lying on my hip.

“So,” I said, “You want me to read the last 10 pages and let you know how it ends?”

“That wouldn’t be advisable.”

“Save you some time?”

“You’re pretty brave, considering how close my freezing-ass hand is to your balls.”

“Ooh, baby.  Well, here’s your book.  The cop’s partner did it, anyway.”

“There’s no cop.”

“Oh.  Well, it was the lawyer’s junior partner.”

“Nope.  No junior partner.”

“Hmm.  Okay, the chick’s daughter did it.”

“No daughter.”

“Jesus, what the fuck are you reading, Watership Down?  No cops, no lawyers, no chick’s daughters, just a bunch of fucking bunnies running around killing each other?”


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