Holy crap.

Man, have I had a week.

A good one, mostly, but fuck I’ve been busy.  We’re painting in my office, and I’m the only male under the age of 60, so it fell upon me to do the majority of the grunt work moving shit back and forth to stay ahead of the painters.  And believe me, in my office, we have A LOT.  OF SHIT.  I haven’t even worked out this week, I’ve been so tired that Wednesday night I nodded off on the couch at about 9:45pm.  While Jamie and Adam were blowing shit up on Mythbusters.  And I never sleep through the Mythbusters blowing shit up.

Anyway, it looks to be shaping up like more of a normal week next week…the painters are done and we’re almost done getting the office reassembled.  And I have some things to say, if I can remember them that long.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a quick funny from the other night.

[TV Commercial for Mercedes SUV’s]  Not everyone will attempt a mountain rescue.  Or drive down a 70-degree slope.  But someone will.  So we engineer our SUV’s for those people.

[Me, to my wife, in an affected announcer voice]  Not everyone will drive into a hail of gunfire in a bad neighborhood in East LA while pissing out the driver’s window.  But someone will…


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