Monday Music

See, the Monday Music is the one thing on this blog that I never have any trouble writing. Hell, I have a text file that I keep adding thoughts to; by now the thing must be two or three pages’ worth of one-line notes about this song or that one. It’s all because ideas come to me at random times, and I’ve promised to stick to one a week (as much as I can) and so I’m busily jotting down notes for the future. As a blogger, a backlog of ideas is a good friend.

Regardless, sometimes something will just pop up on a given day and fit my mood so well that I have to go with them, list be damned. And so today’s Monday Music is a triple-hit, but not so much for the music as for the context. A beautiful fall morning for me, perfect riding weather…and the evocative imagery of cross-country motorcycle touring, perfectly complimented by music, from 1969’s Easy Rider.

The songs are The Byrds’ “I Wasn’t Born To Follow,” The Band’s “The Weight,” and Bob Dylan’s “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” (although Dylan allowed the song to be used, he didn’t allow his own recording of it to be used – the film features Roger McGuinn’s version of the song).

Lots of people consider Easy Rider a motorcycle movie. Personally, I don’t. I consider it primarily a hippie counterculture movie which happens to feature motorcycles in a secondary role. But these scenes in this video do a wonderful job of capturing the experience of motorcycling, so I’m happy to share them. Enjoy!

Oh, and there are always those days when you feel kinda like George getting out of jail.


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