Searching for the answer

One thing I like about this here WordPress site is that they provide all kinds of nice stats about your blog, your readers, how they find you, and so forth.

Well, apparently yesterday somebody found my site with this set of search terms: “what women want their guy to drive.”

I had to go look. Sure enough, my “Are you a Nice Guy” post comes up on the second page on Google if you search that phrase. Somewhat strange in my opinion that it registered, but there you go.

Now, today, somebody found me with the phrase “nice sucks.” Now I can see that. But that one took five pages before I came up. Who goes through five pages of Google results looking for this kind of stuff?

All I have to say about that “what women want you to drive,” brother:

1) If she’s that interested in your car, one or both of you is doing something wrong.

2) If you’re desperate enough to go to Google for something like that, much less actually make it to the second page, you’re definitely trying too hard. Let it go.


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